Cozi Mack Award


The Cozi Mack Award is presented to individuals that have lived a life of service. Those who have greatly impacted inner-city, disadvantaged, and underrepresented children and people. They must have performed their duties continually, with humility, persistence, and a standard of excellence making a significant difference.


  • Over 10 years of Community Service
  • Empower, uplift, and inspire children and adults alike
  • Family Oriented and Self Sacrificing
  • A collective approach toward community healing
  • Support of the development of a Renaissance Leader (ALC and MFF)


The Cozi Mack Award was procured in 2019 in honor of Costella Mack’s outstanding service to the South East Community of Fort Wayne, Indiana. She developed and implemented a feeding/food program for children. The program, called Kids Café, was enacted in 4 major youth centers, feeding hundreds of children each year. From 2011 to present day, the program continues to feed and nourish the youth of McMillen Park Center, Weisser Park Center, Jennings Center, and Cooper Center.

In 2019, she retired from Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation due to a life threating illness of stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. To ensure she received her flowers while living, Fort Wayne United and Mayor Tom Henry decreed that she should be honored for her outstanding service. Mayor Henry Proclaimed December 17th to be Costella Mack Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

During the Award Ceremony, Hosted by Fort Wayne United, The Art Leadership Center (ALC) CEO served as the emcee. Because Ms. Mack provided food for the student leaders of the ALC for 3 years straight, the ALC family decided to create an award in honor of her giving heart and selfless attitude. It was announced at the award ceremony that the “Cozi Mack Award” would be presented to a community member each year at the annual Juneteenth Celebration (Macknificent Freedom Fest). Since she was intricately involved in serving food at the original Juneteenth Celebrations in Fort Wayne, she became the First Recipient of the “Cozi Mack Award” in 2020, the year the ALC united 7 Juneteenth Celebrations across the city.

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