Flag Football Registration

The Flag Football Game is a family-friendly event for all middle school children, high school children, and Adults from the southeast Fort Wayne community. Only two teams from each age group! There will be three big games, one from each age division. The winners from each game will have bragging rights until the next Macknificent Freedom Fest. Register to join a team today!

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Family-friendly fun. No cursing or foul language. No fighting or displays of aggression.
  2. There will be 3 forty-minute games. Middle school age, High school age, and Adults.
  3. Two technical fouls by any player will result in that player being ejected from the game. Any flagrant acts will result in that player being ejected from the premises, depending on the tournament official’s decision.
  4. No alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted on the premises. If this rule is violated it will result in immediate player and/or team ejection from the tournament and/or premises.
  5. A team is allowed one roster change before the game. Afterward, a player can only play on one team in the game.
  6. Each team should have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 15 players.
  7. All player eligibility is subject to approval by tournament official and, ultimately, the Macknificent Freedom Fest Director.
  8. Remember – our quest is to be positive role models for everyone in attendance. Physical exercise, good sportsmanship, and fair play are the qualities that we want on display so that this game/event can be the first of many to come.
  9. Play hard, play fair, and let’s have a great game!

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Liability Statement

The Art Center Inc. or Macknificent Freedom Fest will not be responsible for any injury that occurs while participating in any of the Flag Football activities. The Art Center Inc. or Macknificent Freedom Fest will not be responsible for lost or damaged property while on the premises or during the Flag Football activities. **My Registration and/ or participation in this game/event acknowledges that I have read the liability disclaimer along with the specific guidelines, I understand them, and I agree to participate under these terms.

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