Keepers of the Light

The Keepers of the Light event is a Rites of Passage Ceremony for those leaders who pledge to be righteous custodians of the celebration. They pledge to be systematically educated and trained in the proper policies and procedures necessary for the protection and preservation of African-American history and culture. They agree to continuously give honor and praise to the creator, pay homage to the previous custodians, and ensure they are sitting at the feet of wise counsel. The Keepers of the Light wisely and faithfully share the burden of social responsibility with the rightful torch bearer. This event is held until the next Passing of the Torch Ceremony, where the succeeding Torch Bearer is selected. The Torchbearer is an individual and/or organization that carries the burden of, not only, furthering the celebration but also the spiritual and cultural movement. The purpose of the movement is to, thoroughly educate, properly organize, and have a Macknificent Celebration of African-American peace, unity, and freedom.